Welcome to Bone Appetit Barkery!

Bone Appetit Barkery handmakes healthy and sustainable dog treats in the Fleurieu Peninsula. It evolved from just a gal, her passion for supporting local, the cycle of sustainability and her dog. Our treats are made using high quality ingredients, purposely selected and inspired by our Border Collie x Australian Shepherd pooch Neala.

I first started making treats for Neala in June 2018 after I struggled to find any healthy treats for her with ingredients that I was happy with and so I had a thought – I shop locally for my own human food with the awesome added benefit of supporting local family businesses while providing myself locally grown, nutrient rich foods  - so why, should this be any different for my dog?

I wanted her to have access to healthy and nutritious treats with ingredients that she loves but also most importantly how and where those ingredients were grown. Through rigorous trialing and testing she has well and truly earnt her role of Chief Treat Tester which I can assure you, she takes very seriously.

It is so important to us to know exactly where our ingredients are coming from and their quality. We source the bulk of our high quality ingredients, organic or spray free where possible, from local farmers and small businesses around the Fleurieu Peninsula and South Australia. The few ingredients that are not grown in the area are purchased from local retailers in the Fleurieu.

Our treat flavours change season to season just as the local produce does. This means that every few months there are a different selection of flavours to choose from!

No food colouring – the colourings in our biscuit treats come naturally from the fruits and vegetables they each contain. There are absolutely zero preservatives or anything artificial used in our treats.

We also cater for wheat, gluten and grain free and also have a vegetarian and vegan friendly range in our biscuits.

For additional piece of mind for ourselves and for you, all of our recipes have been consulted with a qualified canine nutritionist. This has been a really fun and educational experience for us in this business journey! 

Sustainability is our other top priority. We care about what goes into our treats just as much as what they are packaged in.All of our of packaging is planet friendly and certified home compostable.

If you’ve made it to the end of this you are absolutely awesome - THANK YOU!!

We hope you are as excited as us about supporting local and being more sustainable :D

Happy Shopping!

Love & licks,
Anna & Neala